Fumigation is mainly concerned with using gaseous substances to control and eradicate pests in enclosed spaces, whereas decontamination is primarily concerned with eliminating or removing contaminants from surfaces and environments, such as chemicals, radioactive materials, or pathogens, in order to preserve safety and stop the spread of disease.

Our key Point Considered before Fumigation & Decontamination

Pest Assessment: Identify the specific pests or insects that are causing problems in the office. This will help determine the appropriate fumigation method and chemicals to use.

Professional Assistance: It’s important to hire a licensed and experienced pest control company to carry out the fumigation. They will have the expertise and access to the necessary equipment and chemicals to safely and effectively fumigate the office.

Notification: Inform all employees about the fumigation schedule and any safety precautions they need to take. Make sure they are aware of any temporary office closures or relocation of workstations during the process.

Preparation: Prior to fumigation, remove or cover food items, sensitive equipment, and items that could be damaged by the fumigants. Seal any open food containers and take necessary precautions to protect sensitive electronics.

Safety Precautions: Ensure that all safety measures are followed, including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and providing proper ventilation during and after fumigation. Offices should remain closed during the fumigation process and until it is safe to re-enter.

Compliance with Regulations: Make sure that the fumigation process adheres to local regulations, including permits, documentation, and disposal of chemical waste.

Post-Fumigation Cleaning: After the fumigation is complete, clean and ventilate the office thoroughly to ensure that any residual chemicals are removed and that the workspace is safe for employees to return.

Monitoring and Maintenance: Keep an eye on the office for any signs of reinfestation, and work with the pest control company to establish a maintenance plan to prevent future infestations.